Communicating Science to Different Audiences

Poster presentations were an extremely important aspect of this year's International Coral Reef Symposium (ICRS 2016). Hundreds were displayed each day of the symposium. The posters summarized scientific findings in a space measuring 44.5 inches high by 45.5 inches wide (113.03 cm by 115.57 cm) using photographs, illustrations, graphs and tables. Many are available to view online at ePosters. It's a website that's an open-access library for scientists to showcase their research.

Posters from ICRS 2016 can be viewed here.

Scientific posters communicate to a specific audience—scientists. If you aren't used to interpreting data, then scientific results can remain mysterious or confusing.

One of the posters presented at ICRS 2016 was FUNCTIONAL ROLE OF A COMMON HERBIVORE IN MOOREA, FRENCH POLYNESIA and it can be viewed on ePosters here.

Below is an interpretation of the scientific poster for a less research-oriented audience but conveys the core content of the scientific poster. Being able to see both versions allows you access to the same information in two visually different ways.